Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Manner for Nothing -- Crabs

Many things need to focus attention and care. Once human life much can happen. We do not know where we gathered after the power fail us, one thing only, the firm faith in the Lord. You still have to strive to achieve this dream or need to pick it to others to get started? For me, I hate those most destroy the reputation of another person without reason just to get those you want. They say Filipinos are hardworking, they'll turn, but why else why more poor. Right to say that all Filipinos are hardworking? or should we have to blame the government? Why are stories not typically eliminates or comparing who is better. Filipinos inherent in the comparison with others. Are we wise admire the skills of others, whether good or not without comparison? Much time has passed. Much has changed in this world. no time now that the Filipinos are Filipinos just as long, so do the Filipinos to be ideal in the world or even the whole Asia as well and active citizens. but how? Where you must start the change? Ask yourself.? I was also with them? or we can stand on our own feet for the love and inspiration provided by our loved ones? Thank you, God bless and God save us all.

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