Thursday, April 15, 2010

to those person who are always asking why i choose Gibo Teodoro...

to those person who are always asking why i choose Gibo Teodoro...
do you think i gonna take off my slippers and shot it to our current President.. lol im not a kind of Filipino like you.. arroyo is not running for presidency its Gibo who's running.. win or loose i am for Gibo, i cant see any reason for not supporting Gibo.. do research first.. Gibo is Gibo. my criteria for choosing a Leader especially for the President is Character, Competence, Capability and credibility... additional on Education, Executive Experience, Public Service, Legislator who has bills and become 1 or more LAWS.. Leadership ability, can inspire people, can promotes unity peace and harmony, transparent, has strong Government plans and program that must be realistic and can stand alone without others.. That is the Quality of Leader i am looking.. but see it to GIBO... no hard feelings but I am Happy to lend my support to Gibo Teodoro for President.. God bless and Take care... "Judge a person only by Himself not because of others deed." No one can blame a person with knife in his mouth but look and find the reason why he put the knife in His mouth.... God bless my Friend.. Vote Gibo Teodoro for President.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Quality of a Leader

A President is a Leader

Leadership is also a Power

A Governance is also called Leadership

A Leader with Low Leadership Ability is Nothing

None Sense Leader = No Quality Presidency
and expect worse Governance

Worse Governance = Crawling Progress or Failed...

What is the Quality of a Leader you want?

You want CHANGE?, You want ...PROGRESS?

choose QUALITY LEADER with pack of Inteligence, Competence and Character