Friday, December 09, 2011

Former Pres., Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo - The laws that have brought Philippines to the status of Asia's next Tiger Economy

• Authored or co-authored 55 bills signed into law of socio-economic legislation. These laws constituted the core of the economic program of President Fidel Ramos -- laws that have brought our country to the status of Asia's next tiger.

• RA 7844, The Export Development Act
• RA 7718, The Amended Build-Operate-Transfer Law
• RA 7843, Strengthening the Anti-Dumping Provisions
• RA 8179, Further liberalizing Foreign Investments
• RA 7721, Liberalizing banking in the Philippines
• RA 7651, Revitalizing and strengthening the Bureau of Customs
• RA 7916, Creating the Philippine Economic Zone Authority
• RA 7640, Constituting the Legislative-Executive Development Council
• RA 1490, Investment Houses Act (Passed on third reading)
• RA 7661, Extending the Life of the Asset Privatization Trust
• RA 7903, Creating the Zamboanga Special Economic Zone
• SBN 345, Promoting the Development of Interisland Shipping
• SBN 358, Development of Micro and Cottage Industries

• RA 7882, Providing assistance to women engaging in micro and cottage business enterprises
• Women's desk to provide assistance to battered wives and other victims of domestic violence
• RA 7877, Declaring sexual harassment unlawful in the employment, education or training environment and for other purposes • SBN 356, Increasing penalties for wife-beating
• SBN 362, Mandatory employment of women
• Establishment of the Movement Against Sexual Abuse (MASA)

• OCW desk to provide assistance to OCWs and their families
• RA 7833, Excluding the 13th Month Pay and Other Benefits from the Computation of Taxable Income
• RA 7654, Allocating a Portion of the Incremental Revenue Collected for the Emergency Employment Program
• RA 7637, Creating the Mt. Pinatubo Assistance, Resettlement and Development Commission
• RA 7657, Appropriating 10 Billion Pesos for the victims of Mt. Pinatubo Eruption
• RA 7906, Regulation of the Organization and Operations of Thrift Banks
• RA 8182, Excluding the Official Development Assistance (ODA) from Foreign Debt Limit in order to facilitate the absorption and optimize the utilization of ODA resources
• RA 7820, Creating the Partido Development Administration in Bicol region
• SBN 1176, Establishing Computer Literacy Program in all public schools at the secondary level
• SBN 1175, Instituting a Public School Teachers Scholarship Program
• SBN 1728, Ancestral Domain Bill
• SBN 1044, Institutionalizing a National Strategy for Poverty Alleviation
• SBN 336, Magna Carta for the Urban Poor FOR AGRICULTURE & THE ENVIRONMENT
• RA 7900, Promoting the production, processing, marketing and distribution of high-value crops
• RA 8175. Amending the Charter of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation in order to make more stable and beneficial to farmers and the national economy
• RA 7942, Instituting a new system of mineral resources exploration, development, utilization and conservation
• Co-host, "Dighay Bayan" TV program catering to farmers
• Pres. Macapagal Awards for best rice farm cooperative
• SBN 1282, Food Security Buffer Stock Bill
• SBN 2046, Amending the Sugar Restitution Law
• RA 7638, Creating the Department of Energy