Thursday, October 20, 2011

You Want The Spratly?-- then lets claim it Filipinos

Let's take a glance on the underlying issues about SPRATLY Islands.... What's the true status now on the claims of Philippines to these islands with very rich natural oil reserves? What's our current government doing now? Are they insisting our claims or inhibiting then???
To consider the geographical location of the Philippines as shown below by longitudinal measurement on area of responsibility, obviously we have greater right against our neighboring countries claiming it (i.e., China, Vietnam, Malaysia)...

What is our stand on this game of territorial claims to SPRATLY Islands? Should we just be silently sitting out there and just see the SPRATLY Islands grabbed into the hands of our neighboring countries like what our current government is doing now in exchange to their personal interests?
Why is it that China, Taiwan, Vietnam and the others alike were so persistent to their claims to these islands? These islands are not barren lands, these are rich sources of oil & gas reserves, why does our government exchanged the worth millions of our potential resources into a penny gift of our neighbors???
Friends, wake up... SPRATLY Islands is one source to arise the sinking economy of the Philippines and we should possess that land because we are the heirs to rightly own it....