Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Radio natin Virac, Catanduanes

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Anonymous said...


As a journalist pledged to deliver only the truth without any grievances, biases or let's say what transpire is what you ought to doubt about it right?

The problem is there are some reports that are not confirmed and not even consulted upon that your colleagues reported on the radio over a live broadcast on the dot....let me just cite some of the reports that even the whole town are pissed off...

Your station broadcast a report saying "baging dai man lang naginibo ang mga tawo sa bagmanoc about sa nawawarang mga mamngingisda...PURO ANEMIC ANG MGA TAGABAGAMANOC!" Considering the burden that the family and the people of bagmanoc related to the families of victims and to those who are helping in anyway they can just to have contact or even provide financial and emotional support they are carrying so much burden. And your station that should help in mediating to the public and to the Government have done such immense trouble that add up to the existing problem. we just want to reiterate to you and your colleagues that we are not "PABAYA" people of Bagmanocnon! We support each other in any way we can... We exploit all our resources in order to have a slim chance of hope for the safety and return of the lost fishermen.

Think before acting!

We are expecting a public apology for the incidence!

thank you.